Recognising competitors and members of the OMM community


There has been many great achievements on the OMM event over the years. Some of particular note are those competitors who have been competing in the OMM or KIMM as it was known for more years than the rest of us. With the OMM nearly in it’s 50th year some competitors have been heading into the windy hills at the end of October for decades. To recognise the incredible achievement of competing or being involved in the OMM for 20, 30 or even 40 years! We set up the OMM year clubs to highlight these individuals.

A huge congratulations and thanks you for such a massive commitment to all of the Year Club members both current and upcoming. Everyone involved in the event knows that the event wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the commitment and dedication from both competitors and volunteers.

See you in October!
Team OMM


To be eligible to join the OMM 20/30/40 Year Clubs you must have completed or volunteered on at least one OMM event in a calendar year, in any country. LITE and BIKE events are not eligible and 2008 does count as long as you started day 1. 

The Years Clubs are recognition of years of commitment to the OMM event. We know there are competitors who have completed multiple OMM events within a year but we would like to acknowledge the number of years of commitment rather than number of events completed.

New entries into these prestigious clubs will be presented with their relevant club top during the prize ceremonies at the OMM in October. If you think you qualify for this group of hardy mountain experts please send your list of qualifying years plus the partners you ran with to Stuart who will get in touch.


Wendy Dodds

Andy Lewsley

Verena Johnston

Thomas Williamson

Jen Longbottom

Stan Johnston


Thomas Williamson

Steve Willis

Andy Bell

Dave Chapman

Ray Collins

Stan Johnston

Verena Johnston

Chis Lates

Andy Lewsley

Jen Longbottom

Dave Marr

Andy McGregor

Andy Robinson

Fred Smith

Remy Steinegger

Phil Ward

Thomas Wiesner


David Adamson

Chris Ainsworth

Mike Aitkin

Richard Ayres

Gary Bacon

Pat Bartlett

Andy Bell

Keith Bell

Colin Bergstrand

Stewart Bondi

John Britton

Chris Buxton

Liz Campbell

Malcolm Campbell

Grant Carstairs

Fred Charnley

Dave Chapman

Barry Clayton

Wynn Cliff

Stephen Collier

Ray Collins

Ian Cooksey

Stephen Coverney

Ian Cowie

George Crawford-Smith

Andy Creber

Joyce Curwen

Glen Davies

Chris Day

Andrew Denton

Paul Dodd

Joc Dodd

Wendy Dodds

Nigel Fenwick

Andrew Fishwick

Rhona Fraser

Steve Glasper

Mike Goodyear

Mandy Goth

Darren Harbut

Kevin Harding

Quentin Harding

Colin Harding

Phil Hare

Andrew Heald

N Hoare

R Hoare

Ian Hudson

Roger Jay

Stan Johnston

Verena Johnston

Michael James

Ian Jones

Phil Jones

David Jones

Colwyn Jones

Lawrie Jones

Simon Jones

Andy Joynson

Christopher Kelsey

Chris Lates

Bryan Layton

Kenny Leitch

Andy Lether

Andy Lewsley

Dave Marr

Keith Massons

Jonathan May

Andy Midd

Andrew Middleton

David Munn

David Murray

Mike Parsons

Will Patterson

Chris Pearson

David Peregrine

Geoff Pettengell

Trevor PFO

Ray Pickett

Will Patterson

Chris Pearson

David Peregrine

Geoff Pettengell

Trevor PFO

Ray Pickett

Andrew Pitcher

Rob Primhak

Havard Prosser

John Richardson

Dean Robinson

Andy Robinson

David Rosen

Miriam Rosen

Ellie Salisbury

David Sayer

Martin Sellens

Geoff Senior

Margrod Shaw

Fred Smith

Roger Smith

Neil Speers

Remy Steinegger

Rob Stephenson

Rod Sutcliffe

Phillip Thompson

Graeme Tiffany

Gary Tompsett

David Turton

Peter Vojak

Phil Ward

Thomas Weisner

Martin White

Jeremy Williams

A P Williams

Thomas Williamson

Steve Willis

Andy Wilson

David Wilson

Mike Wimpenny

Eric Winfield

Raymond Wren


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