OMM LITE Brecon Beacons 2017

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This event is now SOLD OUT. If you would like to join the reserve list for this event please email Alternatively join us in:

OMM LITE Surrey Hills 1-2 July

OMM LITE Yorkshire Dales 9-10 September

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A weekend trail running, camping and

exploring the Brecon Beacons.

The Challenge: 

30+ checkpoints of different values are spread out around the trails and paths near the event centre. Teams have to find as many as they can in their allotted time using the OMM LITE map. The team that collects the most points over Saturday & Sunday are the winners.

The Black Mountains and wider Brecon Beacons National Park are epic for mountain biking and trail running. With the checkpoints spread over the five ridges of the National Park it will be an exciting event in a stunning location.


5km - 70 km
course options

Some focus on running hard and collecting all the checkpoints. Others focus on the social side of things making the most of the Saturday evening and stopping for lunch during the day. It’s up to you how far you go, the most important thing is that you enjoy your weekend.

OMM LITE Brecon Beacons 2017


Route: You decide! The paths and trails to take is up to you.

Distance: You choose! Clear the course or get 1 checkpoint and go for lunch.

Terrain: Trails, Paths, Bridleways.

Skills required: Teamwork, route selection….intelligence.

Campsite: Park next to your tent, bring you BBQ and be comfortable.

OMM LITE Brecon Beacons 2017


Friday and Saturday evening is all about the campsite. Relaxing with friends after a day in the hills. You can park next to your tent and bring everything you need for a comfortable weekend. We have a 50ft marquee with catering and bar on site that everyone is welcome to use.  As well as sports masseurs on hand to ease those aches and pains ready for Sunday.

OMM LITE Brecon Beacons 2017
“Great fun, excellent training for the October OMM”
LITE Yorkshire 2015
“Great event, superbly organised, very friendly and welcoming. When’s the next one?”
Peak District 2014
“Never done an event like this before, was surprised how much fun it was with the navigation and finding our route. Would recommend it.”
Yorkshire 2014

Event Details


OMM Lite Competition Rules and Code of Conduct

In order to conduct the competition on a fair and equal basis for all participants, and ensure safety, it is necessary to apply rules governing a competitor’s conduct, clothing and equipment. These rules, which are set out below will be STRINGENTLY enforced. Anyone found to be in breach of these rules will be automatically disqualified from the current event and potentially banned from future events.

1. THE GOLDEN RULE: Once registered, competitors must report to the event headquarters and download (and on Sunday return their scoring tag) by 17:00 hours whether they have completed the course or not. If this is not done the team is deemed missing and will be searched for!

2. Long Score, all competitors must be 18 years old on the date of the competition. In the Short Score, all competitors must be 14 years on the day of the competition and the combined age of the team must be at least 35 years.  Any competitor under the age of 16 not competing with their parent/guardian must complete a parental consent form.

3. At least one member of the team must be able to read a map using a compass, without the aid of GPS devices.

4. The event is for teams of two and pairs must maintain contact (communicate by voice) throughout the competition. Both team members must visit the control sites together carrying all their equipment. ie: rucksacks must be in possession of the teams at all times and both team members must dib in the control box.  If one member of the team cannot continue the whole team is retired – the map provides an emergency telephone number. The only exception is in the case of an emergency, when competitors must exercise their own mountain judgment as to the appropriate action to take, including leaving a partner in a warm safe environment to seek help from others.

5.  This is NOT an open access event.  All competitors must keep to public or permissive rights of way (as per event map). Out of Bounds areas and compulsory crossing points are also marked on the event map and must be respected.

6. Teams must carry or wear the equipment and clothing on the official kit list. This is the absolute minimum for safety.  A signed kit list and declaration form must be handed in at registration

7. Well behaved dogs are welcome at the event HQ but must be kept on a lead at all times.  Dogs are NOT allowed to accompany competitors on the course.

8. Competitors must not seek to obtain unfair advantage by searching for courses or inspecting the competition area before the event. Note: Access permission to the competition area is restricted to the weekend of the event only.

9. Use of GPS and mobile phones is not allowed. We encourage you to carry a mobile phone but this should only be used in an emergency and not be used for navigation purposes.  Any team found doing so will be disqualified.

10. Competitors who, in the opinion of the organisers, act in such a way to bring the event into disrepute or unnecessarily endanger other competitors or race officials will be disqualified and may be banned.

11. Competitors must permit the examination of their equipment by race officials at all times.

12. On completion of the course all competitors must still be in possession of sufficient rations for an emergency.

13. No open fires permitted anywhere on the course or at the Race HQ.

14.  OMM Ltd reserve the right to use any digital media captured at the event for promotional/marketing purposes.



We have a great HQ for the 1st Brecon Beacons OMM Lite event.  We’ll be based at the village hall in Cwmdu in the middle of the competition area where there will be a big heated marquee with plenty of seating, catering and bar provided by Claire’s Outdoor Kitchen, sports massage, toilets, water. Crickhowell Adventure will also be on site with a selection of OMM gear and other outdoor supplies on offer at their pop up shop.

The Event HQ is located at:

Cwmdu Village Hall

Remember non-competing family or friends are welcome to come along for the weekend (no charge – but see ‘camping’ info below) and we have a few of free activities for them to take part in too!

Guided Walk Sat/Sun.   We are really pleased that local volunteers from Walkers are Welcome will be hosting a guided walk on Saturday and Sunday.  This will give any family and friends the opportunity to see the beautiful countryside with the added bonus of a local guide with local knowledge.  Children are welcome to join in too.  We are initially thinking of approx 5 miles distance but this can be adjusted to suit the group.  If you are interested in this please do get in touch with so we can get an idea of numbers. 

Mini Cycle Skills Course.  Drover Cycles will be creating a mini skills course for youngsters at the event HQ.  The set-up will involve limbo poles, cones and some simple obstacles, rumble strips etc.  Young riders will have the opportunity to ride the circuit to see how well they can balance, manoeuvre and have fun at the same time! Bikes and helmets will be provided. A member of the Drover team will be on hand but children should be supervised by an adult when on the course.

Drover Cycles have a wide range of bikes for hire so if family/friends would like to explore the areas bridleways why not get in touch with Anna who will be happy to help (01497 822419)

Climbing Wall.  The team from Gwent Outdoors Centres will be bringing a climbing wall along.  All ages welcome to come and give it a go!  Equipment provided.


The camping field is right next door and you can park next to your tent.  You can also bring your campervan or caravan just be aware there is no hard standing or electric hook ups.

Camping for competitors over the weekend is included in your entry fee.

You are more than welcome to bring along family or friends to support you at no extra charge, BUT spaces for extra campers are limited so if you are bringing non-competitors along please let us know by emailing


If you’d like to sleep in a little more luxury then you are welcome to stay in one of the many B&Bs or hotels in the area and Cwmdu Campsite has excellent facilities including electric hook-ups.   Lots more information on the beautiful and wild Brecon Beacons here.


By Car.  A few miles north west of Crickhowell on the A479.  Less than 50mins from the M4 or M50.   Why not not do your bit for global warming and reduce the cost of the trip by car sharing? Just post on the OMM Forum that you are offering or looking for space in a car…

By Train.  The nearest Station is Abergavenny approx 10 miles from the Event Centre.

By Bus.  There is an intermittent bus service – more info nearer the time if this is a possible option.


SCORE COURSES (points based competition):

You will be given a map when you register, on it are all the checkpoint locations available during the event. You don’t know which checkpoints are active and how many points they are worth. When you reach the start line you are given a list of the the active checkpoints and their values for that day. The team that collects the most points in the time allowed wins. One benefit of the score course is that you don’t have to stay out for the whole time allowance and can finish when you choose.



Short Score

The Short Score – fixed period competition with time limits of 5 hours on the first day followed by 4 hours on the second where teams accrue as many points as possible. Checkpoints are assigned points values based on their location and teams are free to choose their route to gain the highest score possible. Points are deducted for being outside your allocated time limit at a rate of 2 points per minute or part thereof. This course is as challenging as you choose to make it and is perfect for first time competitors or those wishing to take a more relaxed approach to the competition. You will still need to be able to read a map.

Long Score

The Long Score – fixed period competition with a time limit of 7 hours on the first day and 5 hours on the second day where teams accrue as many points as possible. Checkpoints are assigned points values based on location with competitors free to choose permitted routes for the highest score. This course tests navigation ability and is as physically as challenging as you choose to make it. Points are deducted for being outside your allocated time limit at a rate of 2 points per minute or part thereof. Experience and fitness is required. Teams with members under the age of 18 must have competed on the Short Score or similar courses in the past.

Topography Overview

The Event centre sits more or less in the middle of the competition area, in a long valley with numerous farmsteads, and a watercourse, crossable at a number of places. The area to the west is compact and although hilly, it is slightly lower than the eastern area. This eastern area is quite extensive, with some big climbs, and can attract some robust weather. There will no doubt be some ‘high pointers’ out there, but to over-commit will attract heavy penalties, although good planning will pay dividends. The western area has a relatively close network of lanes, bridleways and paths, but the land to the east is more remote. Runners particularly, take care, as the re-introduced wolf population is growing in confidence. Stick to the permissive paths, or you’ll be disqualified. Or eaten.



No matter what your level of experience, fitness or mental resolve there is always someone who can teach us something that will help us to improve.

Whether that is advice on kit and packing, race techniques, navigation, nutrition, training programmes or you are brand new to mountain and trail running, Joe and the team at Nav4 have a wealth of experience in these areas, both as competitors and coaches.

Even if you would just like some advice pick up the phone 01768 864909 or drop them an email to see what they can do



  • Taped waterproof jacket with hood
  • Taped waterproof trousers
  • Clothing suitable for mountain running and walking
  • Spare warm layer top
  • Hat (this can be a buff) and gloves
  • Footwear suitable for trail and fell use
  • Whistle & Compass
  • Map (as supplied)
  • First aid equipment
  • Pen/pencil and paper capable of being used in wet conditions
  • Survival bag (not a sheet)
  • Emergency rations

This list should be seen as a minimum requirement only. Check the weather forecast, your previous experience and use sound judgement for the kit you should be wearing and carrying. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any competitors who, in their opinion, do not have the necessary kit to survive in an emergency situation.

Any decisions to reduce the amount of kit you need to carry (e.g. in exceptionally warm weather) will be posted at Registration and on the information board on Saturday morning.

You do not need to bring all your kit to registration for checking, however random kit checks may be carried out at any point during the event.

All competitors are required hand a signed Kit Check List and Declaration to Registration before competing



Each checkpoint will have the standard orienteering orange and white sign with control station attached to it. Each competitor will be issued with an SI-tag. SI-tags are small plastic pegs which have an electronic chip in one end. Your SI-tag should be dibbed into the hole at each control station in order for competitors to register that they have visited the control; it gives an audible bleep and a visual flash to confirm that the dibbing has been successful.


In the unlikely event that the control station doesn’t register, please record your visit on your map by writing the 3 letters shown on the control box into the space provided and report the fact to the marshals and after you pass through the finish.

After finishing on day 1 you will be directed to the download station where you will dib your tag and be given a print out showing the controls visited with points and split times. Please move away from the area THEN check your printout. If anything is wrong or you need to report having to punch manually, proceed to the enquiry point.  Make sure to keep your tag on overnight to use on the second day.   At the end of day 2 you will follow the same procedure and your SI-tag will be removed.


The SI tag will be attached loosely to your wrist at registration using a tamper proof wrist strap. This must remain attached all weekend and be cut off you either when you finish or if you retire but only at the Event centre. You will be at risk of disqualification if you remove the tag from your wrist. You will quickly get used to carrying the tag on your wrist. Wrists do swell during exercise and providing it has been attached loosely; you will hardly notice that you are wearing it overnight. If you lose, break or take a tag home with you the charge will be £35.00 the use of your own SI-tag is not allowed.


The tag has your team number printed on it and is the only way we can tell who is still out on the course. All tags MUST be returned to the event centre by 17:00 on the Sunday before you leave the competition area: Missing tag = Missing team = Search party.


The finish point will be shown on competitor’s maps.  Pairs must finish together. Failure to finish as a team will lead to disqualification.  After you have finished, please go immediately to download where you will be given your score printout, then make your way to the food area, show your printout and enjoy some well deserved hot food and drink!


The prize ceremony will follow the hot meal and will be held in the marquee at approx. 14:00 on Sunday.



  Long Score Short Score
1st overall £40 per person £40 per person
2nd overall £30 per person £30 per person
3rd overall £25 per person £25 per person
1st ladies £30 per person £30 per person
1st mixed £30 per person £30 per person
1st family* £30 per person £30 per person
1st vets** £30 per person £30 per person

Prizes will consist of vouchers to spend on OMM or Extreme Food products.

*Family team = team consists of close family members (e.g. grandfather/granddaughter, aunt/nephew, brothers), one team member must be under 18.

NOTE: If this applies to your team please confirm we have you listed as a family team at registration.

**Veteran Team = combined age of the team is 90 years or above or for Bike competitors riding solo, 45 years or over.



Key dates & Times for OMM LITE


15:00 Registration opens

16:00 Food and bar available

22:00 Catering Closes

23:00 Bar Closes

23:00 Registration Closes



07:00 Registration opens

07:00 – 09:00 Breakfast available

09:00 – 10:00 Long Score start open

10:00 – 11:00 Short Score start open

16:00 Food and bar open

20:00 Catering closes

23:00 Bar closes



07:00 – 09:00 Breakfast available

08:00 – 09:00 Long score start open

09:00 – 10:00 Short Score start open

13:00 Hot food available

14:00 approximate time for Prize Ceremony


When am I allocated my start time?

This is done at registration and we try to be as flexible as possible and allocate a time that suits you.   See ‘Key Dates and Times for start windows.

What’s the minimum age for taking part?

You need to be 14 years old to enter and the combined age of the team must be at least 35 years. Any competitor under the age of 16 not competing with a parent or legal guardian must have parental consent.

Can I enter the OMM Lite on my own?

No, we do not allow individual entries. However, if you’d like to enter a team of three then email  Need a team mate? Why not post on the OMM Forum?

Do I need to carry a tent and sleeping bag like the October OMM?

All teams will return to the overnight campsite after Day 1 so there is no requirement to carry overnight kit.

What maps will I be using?

1:40,000 either Harveys or OS maps.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the Event Details pages please do email



Up to 19 Apr 17.  Changes to names and to the course you have entered can be made by logging into your OMM account.

After 19 Apr 17.   Changes to names and course can be made at Registration.   Emergency contact name and number will be required.


For any cancellations received up to  2 Mar 17, a full refund is made.  After this date we cannot offer a refund as we have already paid for your attendance.  The event is run on a not for profit basis and one of the ways of keeping the costs as low as possible is to agree numbers as far in advance of the event as possible, hence why it becomes more expensive to enter as we get closer to the event.  For these reasons we are also unable to defer entries to future events.



The organisation of the competition is conducted by a small army of unpaid volunteer helpers drawn from a wide variety of clubs and organisations, including the many faithful stalwarts who help out every year and without whose experience it would not be possible to conduct such an event.  These teams of volunteers allow us to keep the entry fees as low as possible to benefit you.

The officials listed are the principal organisers and team leaders:-

Event Director: Stuart Hamilton

Event Coordinator : Emma Gill

Race Coordinators:  Siôn James, Black Mountains MBO and Andy Creber, Rogue Runs

Event catering: Claire’s Outdoor Kitchen

Infrastructure & logistics: Simon Peers, North Yorks Scouts

60pound4th December – 1st February 2017

  • Includes entry into the event
  • Friday night camping at event centre
  • SPORTident timing chips
  • Bespoke OMM LITE maps
  • Saturday overnight camp
  • Hot meal after the event
  • Free parking at event centre

70pound2nd February – 12th March  2017

  • Includes entry into the event
  • Friday night camping at event centre
  • SPORTident timing chips
  • Bespoke OMM LITE maps
  • Saturday overnight camp
  • Hot meal after the event
  • Free parking at event centre

80pound13th March –  14th April 2017

  • Includes entry into the event
  • Friday night camping at event centre
  • SPORTident timing chips
  • Bespoke OMM LITE maps
  • Saturday overnight camp
  • Hot meal after the event
  • Free parking at event centre

Reserve List

This event is now sold out. If you would like to join the reserve list for this event please email Alternatively join us in:

OMM LITE Surrey Hills 1-2 July

OMM LITE Yorkshire Dales 9-10 September







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