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 Entries for Iceland are now closed. If you have questions please email

If you have not done so already, please download, print and sign the kit list and declaration form – this will save you time at registration.

Here is the  START LIST


OMM ICELAND lets you see Iceland like no one else. We have been granted special permission for competitors to have open access to the Icelandic wilderness. Using the OMM race format competitors have the freedom to visit checkpoints spread across this varied landscape.

The race planners like to set the course so you see the best of Iceland and you will find checkpoints on top of volcanoes and next to the hot springs.

We only have permission for a 60 teams due to environmental reasons. This is definitely a race for the bucket list.


In 1968 Gerry Charnley created a 2 day mountain test.  The event combines navigation, endurance, teamwork and a wild overnight camp. The Original Mountain Marathon is considered to be the event that all adventure races descended from.

What is an OMM?

Teams of two receive a map with a selection of checkpoints to find. The team that scores the most points wins. Competitors must carry everything they need for the two days including an overnight wild camp at the end of day one. There are two course options of varying distance and ascent to choose from. See event details below for more info on course options.

About Iceland

Iceland is a microcosm of the evolution of the planet. The interior is like being on the moon with barren black dust fields for miles. As you move towards the coast life starts to appear with mosses, plants and animals nearly the sea. A truly stunning country.


Your previous experience and sound mountain judgement will decide what kit you should be wearing and carrying.

*Full kit list in “event details” section below


Points based: The team that collects the most points across the 2 days wins.

LONG Score

  • 7hrs day 1
  • 6hrs day 2
  • Significant experience required


  • 5hrs Day 1
  • 4hrs Day 2
  • One of the team must be able to read a map



In order to conduct the competition on a fair and equal basis for all participants, and ensure safety, it is necessary to apply rules governing a competitor’s conduct, clothing and equipment. These rules, which are set out below will be STRINGENTLY enforced.  Anyone found to be in breach of these rules will be automatically disqualified from the current event and may be banned from future events.

  1. THE GOLDEN RULE: Once registered, competitors must report to the Event Centre to return their scoring tag by 17.00 hours on the Sunday whether they have completed the course or not.  Without it the team is deemed missing and will be searched for!  Please note that if you fail to return the tag before leaving the event area you may be liable for any rescue costs incurred.
  2. All competitors must be 16 years on the day of the competition and at least one of each team must be aged 18 years or older.
  3. A minimum amount of Mountain Experience, navigation and outdoor skills are essential and details must be provided on the entry form.
  4. The event is for teams of two and pairs must maintain contact (close enough to communicate by voice) throughout the competition. Both team members must visit the control sites together carrying all their equipment. i.e.: the team must be in possession of both rucksacks at all times. If one member of the team cannot continue the whole team is retired – The only exception is in the case of an emergency, when competitors must exercise their own mountain judgement as to the appropriate action to take, including but not limited to leaving a partner in a warm safe environment to seek help from others.  The map provides an emergency telephone number and mobile coverage is available in most of the higher areas.
  5. Out of Bounds areas and compulsory crossing points are marked on the competition map and must be respected.
  6. Teams must carry or wear all the equipment and clothing on the official kit list. This is the absolute minimum for safety and survival. The equipment check list must be completed, signed and presented at registration.
  7. No dogs are permitted in the competition area.
  8. Competitors must not seek to obtain unfair advantage by searching for courses or inspecting the competition area before the event.
  9. GPS devices (including mobile phones) may be carried throughout the event but must not be used for navigation.  Any team found using their mobile phone for communication or navigation purposes, except in the case of emergency, will be disqualified from the event.
  10. Competitors who, in the opinion of the organisers, act in such a way to bring the event into disrepute or unnecessarily endanger other competitors or race officials will be disqualified and may be banned from future events.
  11. Competitors must permit the examination of their equipment by race officials at all times.
  12. On completion of the course all competitors must still be in possession of sufficient rations for an emergency.
  13. No open fires permitted anywhere on the course or at the Overnight campsite.
  14. At the mid-way campsite, no unnecessary noise after 22.00hrs.
  15. Start times for both days, overnight course closure times and final day two course closure times are all printed on the event details and must be clearly adhered to. Teams failing to finish within the course times may be disqualified or may be allowed to continue but marked as ‘Timed Out’ at the Organiser’s discretion.
  16. OMM Ltd reserve the right to use any digital media captured at the event for promotional/marketing purposes.

SCORE COURSES (points based competition):

Competitors receive a map on the start line with a selection of checkpoints, each of which is worth various amounts of points. Competitors can choose to visit the top of a mountain for 40 points or bottom of valley for 10 points. The team that collects the most points in the time wins. The benefit of the score course is that you don’t have to stay out for the whole time allowance and can finish when you choose.

Long Score
The Long Score – fixed period competition with a time limit of 7 hours on the first day and 6 hours on the second day where teams accrue as many points as possible. Checkpoints are assigned points values based on location with competitors free to choose routes for the highest score. This course tests navigation ability and is as physically as challenging as you choose to make it. Points are deducted for being outside your allocated time limit at a rate of 2 points per minute or part thereof. Significant hill experience and fitness is required.

Short Score
The Short Score – fixed period competition with time limits of 5 hours on the first day followed by 5 hours on the second where teams accrue as many points as possible. Checkpoints are assigned points values based on their location and teams are free to choose their route to gain the highest score possible. Points are deducted for being outside your allocated time limit at a rate of 2 points per minute or part thereof. This course is as challenging as you choose to make it and is perfect for first time competitors or those wishing to take a more relaxed approach to the competition. You will still need to be able to read a map.


all iceland

We are very pleased to be working with ALL ICELAND again for the 2017 event. ALL ICELAND are in invaluable resource for us providing logistical support and a link to the Icelandic communities. It is fair to say that without Jorunn and her team we would not be able to run the event.

For 2017 All-Iceland are providing transfers from Keflavik Airport to the event centre on Friday, returning on Sunday.   This is included in your entry fee.

Travel around Iceland can be challenging, we strongly recommend all competitors speak to All Iceland regarding their travel arrangements.

Whilst in Iceland there are many activities and options for you to experience before and after the event such as:

  • The Blue Lagoon – a geothermal spa nestled in the centre of a lava field, complete with bar!
  • Whale watching in Reykjavik
  • Horse riding on black sand beaches
  • Off road driving on glaciers
  • and many more….

Blue Lagoon OMM Iceland 2016

Reykjavik has a plethora of high quality restaurants, well worth an overnight stay to treat yourself (if you feel you’ve earned it!) and of course All-Iceland can source accommodation from camping to 5 star luxury.

There are numerous car hire companies in Iceland – BE CAREFUL of companies offering cheap prices – often the vehicles are temperamental, break down and you can be stranded for several days (personal experience).  Better to stick with a reputable company, please note that All-Iceland get better rates than are available on the normal market.

+44 20 7928 0946
+44 1904 406534 


I have been meaning to drop you a mail to thanks for the organisation, it all went as well as I had hoped for. I thought the B&B on the Friday was charming and perfect for our needs, especially considering how small Grindavik is.

The hotel on the Sunday was very well located and comfortable and modern, so again I was really pleased with it for it’s purpose. I thought the transfers all went smoothly – the vehicle was appropriate and the driver was helpful, knowledgable and punctual – not sure I could ask for more. The Blue Lagoon was brilliant and somewhere I will remember forever.

Thanks again for the arrangements and I hope to use you again in the future.

Kind regards T”


“Dear All Iceland
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback for my All Iceland OMM Trip Overall and excellent service. The website contained all the information required to make a decision on the travel and the two main elements; cost and itinerary were clearly shown The uniqueness of the using All Iceland was that it everything was included; flight and all transfers. Pre travel communication was excellent and I personally rang several times and was always greeted with friendly staff where nothing was too much trouble. Final details were clear and laid out exactly the plans and even down to contact numbers for taxi drivers. The plan required little adjustment only to delay a taxi in order to indulge ourselves in the Blue Lagoon. All Iceland thought of everything and allowed us a night in Reykjavik to sample the local beer, food and nightlife. I would definitely recommend All Iceland to my friends and anyone wishing to visit Iceland, it is run by Icelandic people who are justifiably proud of their country and want travellers to experience the best service possible. The fact that Jorunn was on the OMM helped and provided us with our own holiday rep.
Thanks team and hope to travel with you soon A”



It is not necessary for all competitors to bring their packs to the registration. However it is still considered vital for kit checks to take place, so random kit checks will take place at the start, overnight camp and at the finish. Random checks will include everyone and not merely the high ranking finishers.  At event registration you will be required to sign an equipment/declaration form .


Each individual and team is responsible for being properly equipped for two days unsupported racing in exposed terrain at the end of October.

This list should be seen as a minimum requirement only. Check the weather forecast, your previous experience and use sound judgement for the kit you should be wearing and carrying. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any competitors who, in their opinion, do not have the necessary kit to survive in an emergency situation. Cotton clothing is not suitable.  


  • Taped waterproof jacket with hood
  • Taped waterproof trousers
  • Clothing suitable for mountain running and walking
  • Spare base layer top
  • Spare full leg cover
  • Warm layer top
  • Hat, Gloves & Socks
  • Footwear designed for trail and fell use
  • Head torch capable of giving useable light for a minimum of 12 hours
  • Whistle & Compass
  • Map (as supplied)
  • Insulated Sleeping bag
  • First aid equipment
  • Pen/pencil and paper capable of being used in wet conditions
  • Survival bag (not a sheet)
  • Rucksack
  • Emergency rations
  • Water carrying capability

Spare warm kit and insulated sleeping bag must be waterproofed (i.e. in a drybag)


  • Cooking equipment including stove with sufficient fuel for duration of the race, plus some spare for emergency use, left at the end of the event
  • Tent with sewn in groundsheet
  • Food for 36 hours for two people


The competition has safety designed into it, provided that competitors follow some basic rules on their conduct throughout the two days. Teams should have all the necessary equipment for them to withstand a night on the hills in the most adverse of weather conditions. The requirement for teams to stick together at all times is an essential ingredient of safe conduct. Do not press on beyond the point where one team member is beginning to suffer from exhaustion or the first signs of exposure.  Do not go for too long without eating, particularly later in the day as you begin to tire. Always wear sufficient clothing and waterproofs to keep warm and dry.  If in any doubt of your ability to reach the official overnight camp before the designated time limit, you should find a suitable site on the hills and camp independently for the night. Knowing your own capabilities, being prepared to look after an ailing partner, not pressing on regardless: these are some of the essential components of safe hill-craft.

1. EXPERIENCE – All teams are vetted for experience and if necessary we use our judgement to reallocate teams to a more appropriate class or deny them entry.

2. EQUIPMENT – the list of compulsory equipment is the essential minimum and entrants must use their judgement to increase this according to conditions.

3. TEAM WORK – Remember this is a team event and your partner is your first point of aid in case of trouble. The buddy system is invaluable for checking hypothermia.

4. MOBILES – mobiles are allowed to be carried but may only be used for communication in an emergency and after retiring from the event. If you decide to use whilst still in the competition you will be retired for doing so.

5. SOUND MOUNTAIN JUDGEMENT – Never allow the pressure of competition to override your sense of SMJ (Sound Mountain Judgement) at any time. Remember, every team is different and has its own level of skill and endurance. The decision to start, or to pull out, is yours alone and doing so would be an example of exercising SMJ as a team.

6. On Sunday it is vital that you make contact with the Event Centre if you are unable to get back by 1700 hours. If you do not do so you will be the instigators of a Mountain Rescue Incident . Pitching a tent on Sunday is only acceptable in the case of genuine emergencies.


Once competitors have REGISTERED, whether starting or not, it is your responsibility to see that completion or retirement is properly recorded. This is done by returning to the event centre and informing the headquarters team. Failure to report retirement will be dealt with as defined in the “Competition Rules and Conduct” section 1.

Mountain Rescue and first aid facilities will be available on call to deal with emergencies.  These services are not available to assist competitors who are not able to look after themselves on the courses, at overnight camps or in the process of retirement in all weather conditions, except where classed as an emergency.

Teams who do not make the overnight campsite should make their own way back to the Day 2 finish.


It is no longer felt necessary for all competitors to bring their packs to the registration. However it is still considered vital for kit checks to take place, so random kit checks will take place at the start, overnight camp and at the finish. Random checks will include everyone and not merely the high ranking finishers.   You will be required to sign an equipment disclosure form prior to starting the event.



At the overnight camps both members of a team must finish together. Failure to finish as a team will lead to disqualification. Only the official camp-site toilets and waste collection may be used. The waste collection provided at the overnight camp will be tipped into landfill sites so please take any re-cycling items home where you will have the opportunity to use your normal/recycling practices. i.e.: equipment, clothing, gas cylinders etc. must not be dumped into the waste collection. We will have officials monitoring to ensure this does not happen.

Spot checks on equipment will be carried out at the overnight camps.

Please boil all water.

The midway camp/s are out of bounds to everyone other than competitors and race officials. All competitors wishing to start on Day 2 must finish Day 1 together, having correctly completed the Day 1 course, by 20.00 hours, have camped in the official camp-site overnight and not broken any of the rules defined in section 1.

Ad hoc teams of Day 1 finishers may be allowed to start on Day 2 as Non Competitive at the discretion of the organisers.  Anyone retiring at the overnight campsite must make their own way back to the Event Centre or the Day 2 Finish. Transport is not provided except in the case of serious injury.


The finish point will be shown on competitor’s maps. Pairs must finish together. Failure to finish as a team will lead to disqualification.  After you have finished, please follow the signs to the food.  The leading teams will have a mandatory kit check and random checks will be carried out across the rest of the teams.

  Long Score Short Score
1st overall £50 per person £50 per person
2nd overall £30 per person £30 per person
1st vet team* £30 per person £30 per person
1st female team £30 per person £30 per person
1st mixed team £30 per person £30 per person

Prizes will consist of vouchers to spend on OMM or Extreme Food products.

*Vet team must have a combined age of at least 90 years old.


Key dates for 2017

Friday 26th May

  • 18:30 – 22:00 Registration open at Geo Hotel Reception

Saturday 27th May

09:00 – 1030 – Transfer to start line from Grindavik Campsite.

Start times will be given at registration – maps will be available 30mins before your start time.

Sunday 28th May

  • 06:30 – 07:15 – Start from overnight campsite.
  • Approx. 12:30 – 13:00 – Prize giving and hot food at Geo Hotel.
  • from 13:30 – transfers to airport or individual onward travel arrangements/activities.

Geo Hotel, Grindavik


Iceland does not have a large Public Transport network and Taxi’s can be very expensive in Iceland. We recommend you speak to our event partners ALL ICELAND for advice on travel arrangements and event logistics around Iceland.


We can accept camper vans at the Event Centre however please be aware that there are no services for them and you will be parking in the main parking fields next to the Event Centre.


Car keys can be deposited at registration. Collection is only from the Event Centre.  The organisers shall not be responsible for any keys left in their possession and accept no liability howsoever arising.


For all competitors travelling to the event by public transport, baggage can be left at the Event Centre. Please ensure it is labelled with Name and Team number. Bags are left entirely at the owner’s risk and no liability will be accepted by the Organisers in the event of any damage or loss howsoever arising.


Competitors are welcome to camp on Friday evening.



Up to 12 May 17.  Changes to names and to the course you have entered can be made by logging into your OMM account.

After 12 May 17.   Changes can be made at Registration.  The competitor must present himself/herself at registration in order to complete the necessary paperwork. Emergency contact name and number will be required.


For any cancellations received up to 3 Mar 17, a full refund is made.  After this date we cannot offer a refund as we have already paid for your attendance.  The event is run on a not for profit basis and one of the ways of keeping the costs as low as possible is to agree numbers as far in advance of the event as possible, hence why it becomes more expensive to enter as we get closer to the event.  For these reasons we are also unable to defer entries to future events.



The organisation of the competition is conducted by a small army of unpaid volunteer helpers drawn from a wide variety of clubs and organisations, including the many faithful stalwarts who help out every year and without whose experience it would not be possible to conduct such an event.  These teams of volunteers allow us to keep the entry fees as low as possible to benefit you.

The officials listed are the principal organisers and team leaders:-

Event Director: Stuart Hamilton

Event Communications : Dave Annandale

Event Organiser: Dave Annandale

£90 pp

August 2016 – 3rd January 2017

£100 pp

4th January 2017 – 28th February 2017

£110 pp

1st March 2017 – 1st May 2017


  • Includes entry into the event
  • Friday group transfers from Airport to Event Centre only
  • Friday night camping at event centre
  • Transfers to the start from the event centre
  • Bespoke OMM ICELAND maps
  • Saturday overnight camp
  • Emergency teams covering the course
  • Celebratory meal after the event
  • Sunday group transfers from Event centre to Airport only
  • Free parking at event centre

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